• February 27, 2017

Heart’s Home on ETWN

One of our great joys is to share our mis­sion with the Catholic com­mu­nity here in the United States. We are blessed that our wit­ness to our mis­sion here at the foot of the Cross, in the heart of the world is an encour­age­ment for so many others to give of them­selves as well. Recently our very own Natalia Fassano was invited by the Eternal World Network (EWTN) to share more about mis­sion - both in English and Spanish!

Last June, she and Brittany (a former mis­sionary in Ecuador) were invited by Jim & Joy. On February 15, Natalia was inter­viewed again on EWTN, this time in Spanish, on the show Nuestra Fe en Vivo. Thank you to EWTN for the invi­ta­tion.

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