• November 26, 2013

Heart’s Home is Thankful for ...

By Laetitia Palluat de Besset, Heart’s Home US President

On behalf of our Heart’s Home family, I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. May your family cel­e­bra­tion be blessed with quality time together and happy remem­brances of the gifts received throughout this year.

At Heart’s Home, we have so much to give thanks for! I give thanks for all the smiles we have wit­nessed this year: the many smiles that a pres­ence of gen­uine love, tender care, for­give­ness and com­pas­sion can beget.

I want to give thanks for the smile Armando bore upon returning from his fif­teen-month mis­sion in Chile. Speaking about his mis­sion, about the people he served, Armando was totally taken by the joy of his expe­ri­ence.

I am thankful for Chloe’s smile. When her one-year mis­sion in Brooklyn came to a close, she tire­lessly vis­ited for the last time all of our friends… with a smile! Her sin­cere smile expressed the tender love grown in her heart for each one of them.

I am grateful for Carmen Leticia’s smile on the day of her birthday. On that occa­sion, she affirmed that had she been offered one mil­lion dol­lars, she would turn it down and choose to cel­e­brate her spe­cial day with us.

I give heart­felt thanks for our late friend Carlos’ gen­uine smile, and for his ‘thank you, guys’ repeated inces­santly as a farewell. We dearly trea­sure his grat­i­tude for our faithful visits to his nursing home room over the past five years. What a blessing to be able to be pre­sent to him until his recent passing!

And the list could keep going on end­lessly! Indeed, every smile is a trea­sure to us. Every smile is a sign that Heart’s Home is an answer to that deep thirst of many hearts: to be truly loved. I thank you heartily for your sup­port and I thank you for accom­pa­nying us in this loving har­vesting of smiles. May they be ever more plen­tiful.

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