• April 17, 2012

Heart’s Home in Jefferson City, MO
and Steubenville, OH

In the past month of March, we were kindly invited to give tes­ti­mo­nials about our mis­sion of com­pas­sion next to the poorest of the poor.
Two mem­bers of the Heart’s Home Brooklyn team have spent some days in Steubenville, Ohio, for a Vocation Fair on the Franciscan University Campus.
Two others spent a couple of days talking to the juniors and seniors in the Helias Catholic High School in Minnesota’s cap­ital city.
In both cases, the tes­ti­mo­nial trips also allowed us to share our expe­ri­ence in youth groups, parishes, and cam­puses’ stu­dents’ groups, etc.

If you want to orga­nize a Heart’s Home mis­sion in your city/school/parish, con­tact Natalia F. at info heartshomeusa.org

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