• May 23, 2013

Heart’s Home in Chile

For a few years Heart’s Home USA has been sup­porting finan­cially the Heart’s Home center in Valparaiso, Chile, where 5 vol­un­teers:

  • open their door 24/7 to all neighbors in need
  • visit 400 individuals and families in the community
  • Focus on children who do not have attention from adults

Help with our house’s repair works??

We’ve got a big pro­ject coming up! We’re going to tear down our house and build a new one (takes about three months here). Our cur­rent house isn’t the worst but has got some struc­tural prob­lems, plus there’s no yard space for the kids so we have to play in the street (not the end of the world but tough to manage some­times with cars passing by and a big group of little kids). (Lance, mis­sionary in Valparaiso, Chile)

Total pro­ject cost: $45,000 (75% has already been raised)

Fundraising Goal: $11,000

To know more about the Heart’s Home in Valparaiso

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