• December 17, 2013

Heart’s Home at home in Greece!

Rev. Leroux, Irina, Marie-Pia, Marie, Ludivine, Vincentiu with Bishop Nikolaos Foscolos

Since the 2008 crisis, Greece has been under the media spot­light. Many arti­cles have been written about the country’s huge debt and the social prob­lems it gen­er­ates - including a tremen­dous unem­ploy­ment rate of 28%. It is this painful sit­u­a­tion that led us to con­sider a foun­da­tion in this country. The Heart’s Home Saint John of Patmos is located 30 min­utes’ walk north of Athens’s down­town area. There, some Greek and also many immi­grants - espe­cially from Congo and Nigeria – are living under pre­car­ious con­di­tions. Greek middle class fam­i­lies suffer the most from this crisis, due to the lack of work and the many taxes the gov­ern­ment has imple­mented to over­come the deficit. We are cur­rently vis­iting a Center for Disabled People, a Refugee Center for Children and Adolescents from Syria and Afghanistan, a Shelter for Women and Children and a Nursing Home.

“To spiti tis kar­dias ina stis Ellada!” (Heart’s Home is at home in Greece. Alleluia!) The first com­mu­nity of vol­un­teers is com­posed of Marie Pia, Ludivine and Marie from France and Irina and Vincentiu from Romania. Father Gonzague paved their way so that on November 6 the whole team set­tled in Athens.

Providence has been closely watching over us! And it espe­cially man­i­fested itself in the person of Father Aleko, our parish priest, who has given us a most warm wel­come. Cap on his head, he plunged his hands into paint and coating and pas­sion­ately helped in the restora­tion of the house. During these foun­da­tion days, he spent most of his days at the Heart’s Home; he almost seemed to be another member of the com­mu­nity. We count on your prayers so that we are able to listen closely to the Holy Spirit and the Lord’s will be done in our new neigh­bor­hood.

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