• June 2, 2018

Heart’s Home Annual Benefit:
The Power of Kindness

By Peter de Boisblanc

I attended the Heart’s Home Annual Gala on May 1, to ben­efit the mis­sion in Costa Rica. It was a truly won­derful evening filled with laughter, con­ver­sa­tion and warmth - con­necting with old friends and meeting new ones. Yannick Germanier, the exec­u­tive chef at the Swiss Consulate in New York, donated his tal­ents to pre­pare an excep­tional meal.

Most mem­o­rably, the evening’s two honorees, Véronique Christory and Dr. Julian Lagoy gave heart­felt pre­sen­ta­tions after accepting their awards. Mrs. Christory spoke mov­ingly about her work con­tributing to dis­ar­ma­ment on behalf of the International Committee of the Red Cross Delegation to the United Nations and, more gen­er­ally, the incred­ible power of com­pas­sion. Dr. Lagoy spoke about his deci­sion to focus his med­ical career on caring for dis­ad­van­taged mem­bers of society suf­fering from mental ill­ness. I was par­tic­u­larly struck by his obser­va­tions about lone­li­ness in the pros­perous city of New York, which can be far worse than what he wit­nessed during his mis­sion for Heart’s Home in an extremely poor Philippine com­mu­nity. The audi­ence was left teary-eyed and inspired by the honorees’ sto­ries whose cen­tral theme was the power of kind­ness to alle­viate suf­fering and create joy in our world.

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