• February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Dinner
with Friends
at the Brooklyn Center

Since its foun­da­tion, Heart’s Home’s ambi­tion has been to spread a cul­ture of friend­ship. As a gift, we offer you today an extract from one of our founder’s writ­ings:

Heart’s Home, a mystery of Visitation

“The Gospel is often said to be the book of encoun­ters. The same could be said about Heart’s Home. Heart’s Home is an oppor­tu­nity for encoun­ters. Not encoun­ters with fig­ures and soci­o­log­ical data, not encoun­ters with cases and ter­rible sit­u­a­tions, but encoun­ters with people, encoun­ters with hearts. That’s why our own heart, which longs so much for the love of others, for com­mu­nion with others, feels so deeply con­tented.

This encounter hap­pens every day in the Eucharist, in the silence of ado­ra­tion, in the songs of the Office. It goes on and grows in the narrow streets of the favela, on the faces of the chil­dren that fling their arms around our necks, in the painful con­fi­dence of this mother aban­doned by her hus­band. With him or her, we try to build a friend­ship that is not firstly based on feel­ings, on a sim­i­larity of lan­guage or cul­ture, but on the fact that he or she is a taber­nacle which con­tains a pres­ence of God.

A simple “I love you” or “God loves you” is far from being enough. The first sign of our love for the chil­dren are our kisses; and the ulti­mate proof of it will be our sharing their crosses. Every true love leads into trial, because this is the way Jesus showed us his love: he shared the cross of every man.

Go fur­ther! Give more of your­selves! Beg every day for a new gaze on the others! Give your lives for the others because there is no greater love!”

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