• November 20, 2013

Happy Anniversary Heart’s Home Japan!

One Year Anniversary Celebration
with Marife (in the middle)

By Marife Sugawara

A year ago, our Japanese Center opened up its doors in Sendai. How many friend­ships have flour­ished in these 12 months! How deep and far the Lord has already led us into our Japanese min­istry!

As a way to thank all those who have been helping and sup­porting us so far, we offer this tes­ti­mo­nial from one of our Filipino friends, Marife, from Rikuzen-Takata, one of the many people who lost their houses in the tsunami:

It’s been one year now since we first met friends from Heart’s Home. Through Fr. Shiota, we were able to meet these friends living in Sendai. Since then, they keep on coming back and vis­iting us once a month. They were among the only few from many vol­un­teers who had helped us and who kept coming back and sup­porting us spir­i­tu­ally, men­tally and phys­i­cally.

I asked myself one time,“what is the reason why they keep on coming back?” I think it is because they left their heart here. We, as for­eigners living in Tohoku, and vic­tims of this trau­matic dis­aster, were very happy seeing vol­un­teers sup­porting us whole­heart­edly. During this hard time, sup­port from friends from Heart’s Home was a big help. Just seeing their faces and their pres­ence means a lot already. Knowing that they are just around, willing to give us a hand in times of trou­bles, helps the wounds heal faster.

To all our friends from Heart’s Home, thank you so much and may God bless us all. Happy anniver­sary and more power to you all!

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