• April 22, 2010

Grayson H. - Argentina 2010-2011

Seminarian for the Archdiocese of Detroit From Grosse Pointe Farms, MI – Mission in Argentina: 2010- 2011

I first heard of Heart’s Home as a sopho­more at Boston College. I was stunned by the rad­i­cality of their life and mis­sion: to be mis­sion­aries of com­pas­sion. In my sopho­moric pre­tense, I judged them as ide­al­istic and imprac­tical. What about pro­jects and ini­tia­tives – helping people in tan­gible, quan­tifi­able ways? It was a classic case of missing the obvious. In the end, it was Heart’s Home that judged me. It shat­tered my ideas about charity and real suc­cess. What, after all, was it that I cher­ished most in life? The friend­ship of those who care about me, the time they spend with me, their con­tinued pres­ence in my life, their love and com­pas­sion.

Heart’s Home is a school of love. I entered this school for 13 months in Argentina in 2010 and I will be a stu­dent for the rest of my life. The fun­da­mental image is the heart, that vessel that receives and gives and throbs with life. I will never forget the kids of Villa Jardin, our slum out­side of Buenos Aires. I remember their hunger for our atten­tion yet also their ability to cheer us up, to run and jump on us as we returned to our street after a long day. I learned from these kids that the child’s heart, for all its naïveté, is the true model for a healthy heart. They hunger to receive and they give freely…and they are com­pletely honest.

Along with opening my eyes to the joys of life, Heart’s Home awak­ened me to the uni­ver­sality of suf­fering. Here, too, in the United States, people suffer in silence behind closed doors and grab on to any­thing to fill the void. This is where we are all called – to the heart of the matter where we can meet our neigh­bors in their suf­fering. What we are most hungry for in this life is love – to love and to be loved. If, God willing, I become a priest, I will be at the gateway of the heart in so many ways for this giving and receiving to take place.

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