• November 17, 2016

Grace R. - Argentina 2016-2017


I’m Grace, a 22 year-old Michigan native. I grad­u­ated from Oakland University in April 2016 and in the fol­lowing month left for Argentina to teach English there for a year. After arriving to the enor­mous cap­ital city of Buenos Aires, which is home to almost half of the country’s pop­u­la­tion, I found myself feeling very alone; but then I met Heart’s Home. The whole com­mu­nity in Buenos Aires, lay mis­sion­aries, sis­ters, and priests, wel­comed me, a lonely and home­sick yankee (the name Argentinians use for all people from the U.S.) and gave me a home among them. I began spending Fridays at the house in the poor neigh­bor­hood of Villa Jardin, giving Sister Leticia English lessons, and attending all the com­mu­nity out­ings and events.

It was not sur­prising then, when I asked to share in their mis­sion com­pletely and live as a vol­un­teer in the house, that their response was an enthu­si­astic “yes”. I thank God for this unique path He took me down to my mis­sion. It was only after expe­ri­encing lone­li­ness, and receiving the love of the com­mu­nity that I real­ized the impor­tance of the mis­sion. There are others who suffer much more than I ever have, who grow up in a world where they are far too familiar with neglect because their par­ents are involved in drugs, lone­li­ness from having been aban­doned at home, or losing the people they love due to jail and vio­lence. These people need a family to embrace them, and a refuge where they feel safe so that they have hope for the heav­enly family and home that they will one day inherit. Without hope, suf­fering is truly unbear­able.

Thank you so much for trusting in God’s good­ness and par­tic­i­pating in this beau­tiful mis­sion of love and com­pas­sion with me. We will not be reaching mil­lions of people, putting an end to poverty, or defeating drugs and vio­lence. Instead we will be giving a smile and a hug to a little boy whose mom is in jail, sharing a cup of tea and after­noon of con­ver­sa­tion with an elderly lady who has lost her family, and giving a lis­tening ear and open heart to a mother who help­lessly wit­nesses her son’s life being destroyed by drugs. Together we will sow hope for our true and final home in heaven.

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