• August 11, 2009

Goodbye Hugues and Mathilde...

After a seven-month intern­ship, Mathilde V. left for France where she will resume her studies. Thanks to her joyful pro­fes­sion­alism, not only the legal affairs but also our web­site and many other impor­tant office tasks were accom­plished suc­cess­fully. We will cer­tainly miss her. We keep her in our thanks­giving prayers.

As he com­pleted his intense three-month mis­sion with Heart’s Home in Brooklyn, Hugues de V. left New York at the begin­ning of August to resume his studies in Northern France. Together with all our friends, we are really grateful for the time he gen­er­ously spent with us. We wish him all the best for this year to come.

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