• May 10, 2018

God’s call in our routine

by Francesca S., on mis­sion in Romania

     M. is a 30 year old woman who grew up in a chil­dren’s home. She has a nerve dis­order and some other psy­cho­log­ical prob­lems. She comes by our house almost everyday. She likes to color or take out the trash, and she often repeats the same phrases over and over again. She has two chil­dren who live with a foster family nearby who she is able to visit. She can’t hold a job, but she always talks about leaving Deva to go work some­where else. Every now and then she does yard work for people she knows and it makes her so happy. She will come by and tell us about how she just came back from work: “it was hard, but what can we do, we all have to work right?” M.’s joy and sense of pride in being able to work remind me of how impor­tant work is to the dig­nity of man.

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