• May 10, 2018

God does not make mistakes

by Nguyen Thi Yen Nhi., on mis­sion in the US

     Bryan has been a friend of Heart’s Home for almost 10 years. He lives at the Brooklyn Care Center. He has a daughter, but she rarely visits him, and does not even answer his phone calls. One day I went to visit him, he was tired after coming back from the dial­ysis center. It was a short visit but what he said struck me when I asked him “what do you feel when you think about the past?” I do not remember how he answered exactly, but he kept saying “I don’t cry, because crying would be like saying that God made a mis­take. God does not make mis­takes. Of course we make mis­takes. But if God allows them to happen, it’s because He can work with them.”

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