• August 27, 2012

God Writes Straight with Crooked Lines

Natalie and some of her friends in Bangkok

By Natalie H., Heart’s Home Volunteer in Thailand

“After hit­ting a sui­cidal low last week with things having exploded in her abu­sive and drug-ridden home, a close teenage friend from our neigh­bor­hood asked if she could stay with us until the end of the month as she tries to get her life on track (i.e. find a place to live and a job to sup­port her­self). We agreed, as long as she agreed to follow our schedule and be a con­tributing member of our com­mu­nity— not just use our house as a free place to crash. She sur­pris­ingly con­sented and even more sur­pris­ingly told us she knows she has a lot to learn and wants to be taught. A few days into her stay, she revealed that she was preg­nant and that her boyfriend had told her to get an abor­tion or he would break up with her. He has even given her the money to get it done. Before we even had time to react, she called her boyfriend, weeping, and told him, “The Heart’s Home girls know about the baby now, and they won’t let me do that. See, now I can’t do that.” She then told us that she really needs our sup­port to con­tinue to make this choice. Even with as frus­trat­ingly imma­ture and deceitful as she con­tinued to be at times during her stay with us, I am deeply moved by her desire to follow her con­science and do what is right— to try to keep her baby. Especially in the face of oppo­si­tion from her boyfriend and her family.

This road is not going to be easy by any stretch, but I do believe that with a tremen­dous amount of prayer, this will be a graced oppor­tu­nity for her to grow up and learn to put another at the center of her life: to love. In this week together, we’ve already been floored sev­eral times by her incred­ible growth in matu­rity and con­cern for the other— from sur­prising us by doing all our laundry one after­noon, to vol­un­teering to make us dinner one night and really putting all her effort into it. For a girl as broken as she is— told by her own mother from the time she was a baby that she was unloved and unlov­able— these truly are small mir­a­cles. I think she’s as unsure of God’s love for her as she is unsure of her own capacity to love. It’s incred­ibly beau­tiful to walk with her, ever so slowly and stum­blingly, and see her faith grow in both of these areas. I really admire her, and I stand in awe of God’s ability to write straight with the crooked lines we give Him. Thank you from all of us for spir­i­tu­ally adopting her and her baby.”

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