• March 23, 2015

Give your Soul a Treat: A Retreat!

During the Spring break three col­lege stu­dents gath­ered together with Sister Regina at the ICCC to retreat and rest in silence, prayer and friend­ship. Here are some of the treats granted them:

“In the midst of a busy school and work week, it’s dif­fi­cult to find moments to really be still. There’s pres­sure to con­stantly be avail­able to everyone, and it’s easy to sep­a­rate life into boxes: studying, social life, prayer, chores, and rest coming last. Stuck in all of these habits, the idea of going away to pray, rest, and be in com­mu­nity seemed like the oasis my tired body and soul were thirsting for. Feeling like such a part of the family, going to Heart’s Home for school breaks is like going home and it is there that I feel able to come home to myself.” (Jessica A.)

"The talks given by Sr. Regina helped us to enter more deeply into the silence and our prayer. At the end of the day we had I-school. It helped me to really form my own opin­ions on the text and through dis­cus­sion, helped me to pro­cess what had hap­pened during the rest of the day.

I was very struck by the joy which radi­ated from the Sisters who were there with us at the ICCC. There was no common lan­guage among all of us- con­ver­sa­tions con­stantly had to be trans­lated; and we watched 3 beau­tiful films, each in a dif­ferent lan­guage. Although there was no common spoken lan­guage, the lan­guage of joy and true love and con­cern for each other was pre­sent. It was such a blessing to be able to be on retreat at such a beau­tiful place with people who truly allowed me to feel at home. I was able to feel com­pletely free- free to be myself and to be with Christ. (Lindsday W.)

“The retreat helped me remember just how pre­sent Mary is in my daily life. I have started entrusting more of my daily tasks and deci­sions to her and entrusting my friends to her in the Rosary. The retreat inspired me to live my life as a grad stu­dent more with my heart instead of just my head. The silence of the retreat and the ICCC gave me the space to let all my inner noise fade out and listen to God. Now every­thing—my con­ver­sa­tions, home­work, walks between meet­ings—has become much more free and full of grace. The fruit of my prayer has been mul­ti­plying because I am more open to fol­lowing the Holy Spirit in each encounter and task instead of just com­pleting a check­list.” (Katie I.)

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