• June 1, 2012

Gaby F. - Honduras, 2011-2013

As a 22 year old recent col­lege grad­uate, I have spent the last four years of my life learning that I have a lot to learn about. In my pur­suit of knowl­edge, I have not only opened up my mind, but I have had my eyes and heart opened to the reality that so many in the world have grown up with rad­i­cally dif­ferent expe­ri­ences than my own that I cannot even begin to imagine, and yet we have all been cre­ated and willed by a loving God in whose image and like­ness we all exist. The desire to meet, know, and love my future friends in Honduras is what gets me excited about my mis­sion because through them, I will be able to know God better. I desire to change and expand my con­cep­tion of what the image and like­ness of God is by coming to know those whom I would never be able to in my home country. I know that my call from God is to never be sat­is­fied with what I know about Him, to con­tinue to seek Him in any way I can. Through the grace of the Heart’s Home mis­sion, I pray that God will be pre­sent in my excite­ment leading up to my depar­ture in my new rela­tion­ships that will be cre­ated. And that, through the Father’s pres­ence, I will be able to serve in bringing Christ’s pres­ence to the lives of my brothers and sis­ters in Honduras.

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