• January 12, 2018

Gabriel M. - on mission in Argentina

I am blessed and excited to begin my post-grad life by living in a Heart’s Home in Argentina. I am 23 years old and just recently grad­u­ated from Christendom College in December 2017. Through much prayer and dis­cern­ment, I have decided to spend the next year of my life serving those in need in a poor region of Argentina known as Villa Jardin. I was ini­tially plan­ning on going straight into the US Air Force after grad­u­a­tion, but there was a con­stant tug­ging on my heart that made me realize that God had dif­ferent plans for me. It was the sim­ilar tug­ging on my heart that I had expe­ri­enced while departing from pre­vious mis­sions in Central America. It has never felt right leaving so quickly and my heart has always yearned to spend an extended period of time with the Latin American people and serve them in any way pos­sible.

As I started research into dif­ferent Catholic mis­sionary orga­ni­za­tions, nothing appealed to me or made me feel quite at peace…until I stum­bled upon Heart’s Home! Heart’s Home has a beau­tiful mis­sion that really res­onates with what I was looking for. The com­mit­ment to a serious prayer life really enables the mis­sion­aries of Heart’s Home to give of them­selves com­pletely in ser­vice and love to others. For many people across the globe, Heart’s Home has forever changed their lives by helping them to see and accept Christ’s love into their hearts. Heart’s Home seeks to show all whom they encounter that they have dig­nity and are deeply loved by God, and I feel strongly that God is calling me to serve others in this way.

Thank you for par­tic­i­pating in this mis­sion with me through your prayers and finan­cial con­tri­bu­tions. I truly could not follow this path without your help. I am able to give to this mis­sion by going, while you are able to go on this mis­sion by giving. Both are vitally impor­tant to helping spread Christ’s love across the globe. Through every encounter in our lives, both here in the US and abroad, we can strive together to live out this life of com­pas­sion and love and change lives, through the work of the Holy Spirit. God Bless you all and I pray that the Lord blesses you for giving of your time, prayer, and resources.

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