• January 6, 2012


Suguna - Madras, India

Heart’s Home is a 501(c)3 charity orga­ni­za­tion. Donations are 100% tax-deductible. You are not allowed to pay for your own mis­sion. Each vol­un­teer is asked to find spon­sors to sup­port their time in mis­sion, thus gen­er­ating a net­work of com­pas­sion. This is accom­plished in two ways in par­tic­ular:

Financial Sponsorship

It takes $700 per month to fully sup­port a vol­un­teer. This covers health insur­ance, trans­porta­tion, room and board and training. Contributions can be made on line or by responding to the spon­sor­ship letter via recur­ring or a one-time dona­tion.

Spiritual Sponsorship

Sponsors are invited to pray a decade of the rosary each day of the vol­un­teer’s mis­sion. This spon­sor­ship is just as, if not more, impor­tant than finan­cial aid.

Gaining Sponsors

Upon com­mit­ment to a mis­sion one is asked to com­pose a brief spon­sor­ship letter out­lining the mis­sion of Heart’s Home, one’s involve­ment in this mis­sion and a request for spon­sors in either one of the afore­men­tioned cat­e­gories. Once the letter has been proof­read by the Heart’s Home staff, it may be sent to family, friends, parish com­mu­ni­ties and cor­po­ra­tions. In addi­tion to the letter Heart’s Home will provide you with infor­ma­tional pam­phlets and addressed envelopes for dona­tions. Individual fundraising events are also encour­aged…be cre­ative!

When dona­tions arrive at Heart’s Home USA (Brooklyn, NY) the sponsor’s name, address and amount of dona­tion will be entered into a database. You will then peri­od­i­cally receive updated reports so that you can be sure to thank your spon­sors and keep up with your pro­gress.

It is encour­aged that you exceed your fundraising goal as all funds raised con­tribute to a com­munal pot. This ensures that Heart’s Home can con­tinue to grow as an orga­ni­za­tion in var­ious pro­jects around the world.

As a way to thank your spon­sors and strengthen your net­work of com­pas­sion, you are required to write a letter every other month informing your spon­sors of your activ­i­ties and encoun­ters. This is an oppor­tu­nity to keep your spon­sors involved in the mis­sion to which they con­tributed.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

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