• October 30, 2012

Orientation Program: Friendship is a Miracle

Orientees: L-R: Regina, M.Celeste, Jessica, Gaby

By Marie Celeste R. who attended the October Orientation Program. On what this time meant to her.

“Friendship is a Miracle... This phrase was some­thing said to us early in our two weeks of Orientation. I had joined three other new mis­sion­aries at the Brooklyn Heart’s Home a bit unsure of what to expect of Orientation but still excited. What we found was a com­mu­nity of respect and joy and a lifestyle that entered so readily into reality and all of the beauty therein! As you could imagine this was a bit intim­i­dating as second to our admi­ra­tion of what we saw was a desire to be part of this mir­acle we wit­nessed. Each day we rose and chanted the Liturgy of the Hours, prac­ticed our lan­guages (Spanish, Thai, and Ukrainian), lis­tened to a talk on dif­ferent aspects of the Spirituality and Charism of Heart’s Home and vis­ited our friends in Brooklyn.
I truly appre­ci­ated the embrace of this mir­acle where in each moment there was a pro­found trust in the Lord’s mercy and love as well as guid­ance by the Holy Spirit. This trust was con­ta­gious and as we stepped for­ward into the gifts being offered in encoun­ters and expe­ri­ences it was clear that this mir­acle of friend­ship was a gift that was meant to be given and received gen­er­ously! Orientation was a time of bless­ings in the lessons we learned, the mercy we expe­ri­enced, the joy and laughter we shared and the mir­acle of friend­ship that we wit­nessed!”

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