• January 6, 2012

Fraternity St Maximilian Kolbe

“To draw close to the Immaculate, to make our­selves like Her, to allow Her to take pos­ses­sion of our heart and of all our being, that She might live and work in us and through us, that She Herself love God with our heart, that we belong to Her without any reserve: behold our ideal.” St Maximilian Kolbe (cf. SK #1210)

What is the Fraternity St Maximilian Kolbe?

It was founded in 1997 after sev­eral former Heart’s Home vol­un­teers expressed their desire to con­tinue living from the charism of com­pas­sion in their daily life. Progressively the Fraternity was joined by people who never vol­un­teered with Heart’s Home, Single people as well as fam­i­lies who had a friend­ship with Heart’s Home and were drawn by the charism. There is a Fraternity in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, El Salvador, USA.

All Fraternity mem­bers desire to be with Mary standing at the foot of the cross whether this cross is planted at the heart of a home­less, a sick person, a col­league at work or a family member. They are eager to live a Christian life with Heart’s Home gaze on people and events and to live a friend­ship with all Heart’s Home mem­bers.

Amy who joined the Fraternity in May 2010 after a mis­sion in Honduras shares us what it means for her: “By joining, I promised to con­tinue to live out the mis­sion of Heart’s Home in my daily life. To me, this means searching out for those who are suf­fering in unex­pected places- maybe a deep lone­li­ness, maybe con­fu­sion, maybe a wound that has never been healed. I don’t need to go any­where spe­cial- I just need to accept who God brings to my life. Heart’s Home is pos­sible because I do not need a degree or a spe­cial cer­ti­fi­ca­tion to solve the prob­lems I encounter, I just need to be open to the Spirit to lead me to those who truly need a pres­ence. I just need to let our Mother Mary teach me how to live a quiet life and say yes to God’s plan so that He can work through my pres­ence and hold His chil­dren in my heart. We all need com­pas­sion. We all need a true friend. This is why the mis­sion of Heart’s Home can be lived every day.”

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