• November 20, 2017

Francesca S. - on mission in Romania

Hello everyone! I’m Francesca and I am a 21 year old from Leesburg, VA. I am the oldest of five and will soon grad­uate from Franciscan University. I am excited to leave for Romania this February, where I will live with a won­derful com­mu­nity of women and serve the people of Deva!

My freshman year, I went on a cat­e­chet­ical mis­sion to a tiny moun­tain vil­lage in Honduras. It was a one week mis­sion, but in that short week I devel­oped a deep love for the people I served and for the sim­plicity of their way of life. Stripped of the com­modi­ties and con­ve­niences of the American lifestyle, I encoun­tered the raw beauty of the human person. I caught a glimpse of the true meaning of love and tasted what it’s like to live out the Gospel in a rad­i­cally beau­tiful way. I was able to return to Honduras for 10 more weeks, where I fell fur­ther in love with Christ, His people, and His mis­sion of love.

The life of a mis­sionary abroad has called to me ever since. Heart’s Home was placed in my path my junior year, and after a long pro­cess of dis­cern­ment, I decided to commit. As I head to Eastern Europe this spring, I am excited to expe­ri­ence a new cul­ture, build new rela­tion­ships, and encounter a new form of poverty and thirst for Christ. I know I will be stretched beyond my limits and forced to give more than I think I have, but I am excited to be tested and taught to love. I invite you to become a part of my mis­sion—whether spir­i­tu­ally, finan­cially, or both—so that it can become the mis­sion of many hearts united in Christ!

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