• July 12, 2014

France: a Bride’s Prayer

Therese B. from Paris, a 2010-2011 member of our Brooklyn team, got mar­ried to David on Pentecost weekend. Here’s an excerpt of her Bride’s prayer during her wed­ding cer­e­mony. Congratulations Therese and David!


It has been four years now, since that day in which You crossed my path;
And that having finally found You, I could do nothing else but keep searching You.

I tried to serve You, never too sure about how to do so.
I tried to love You, even with a dis­tracted heart.
I also wanted to listen to You, even with a head filled with a thou­sand ques­tions.
I even went to the other side of the world seeking for You..

Once back, I wanted to take my life in hand once more,
Without real­izing that by unceas­ingly crying out for “freedom"
I was spin­ning right where you were expecting me.

The pro­ject you had for me took the form of a short blond deep-eyed man,
Patiently waiting on the road­side,
As if he had long since known that I would end up passing by.

It took me a while to make the con­nec­tion between him and You.

This love quickly became too small for two, and could not reach its full poten­tial
Except in the Greater Love of a Greater One, offered to the world.
Thus, I under­stood that by loving one single man, through You,
It was the whole world that I was embracing.

Lord before the path to be trodden, I would almost fear the future if you were not two by my side:
One to hold my hand, the Other one to dwell in my heart.

You’re the path and the cul­mi­na­tion of a long life in the making.

Today, I commit myself with con­fi­dence, out of love for David, out of love for You.
I do not know what I’m com­mit­ting myself to, but I commit firmly.

Blessed are you for your strong and silent Presence,
Since yes­terday, for today, and for every day there­after.

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