• April 16, 2018

Flooding our nursing homes
with 18 extra hearts!

by Tiana DeLorge,
leader of the Steubenville-Bronx Mission

This past March during my Spring Break, I had the very incred­ible and hum­bling oppor­tu­nity to lead a group of 18 stu­dents, along with my co-lead, Mark, on a mis­sion to the Bronx. While on mis­sion, the team is able to spend some time with Heart’s Home. I believe our mis­sion, and the mis­sion of Heart’s Home ties in well together: I see the great need in the world today to be pre­sent, to be a friend, and to love others simply because they exist and were cre­ated by God.

As we were heading to visit the people in the nursing homes, Natalia and Sr. Katie spoke about meeting Jesus. I think many times when going to serve some­where, we think we are going to be Jesus, to be Christ to these people. But we are also going and being sent so that we can meet Jesus, and seek his face in each and every person we encounter. As we returned from our visits, a pre­vious mis­sionary, Charlotte, was vis­iting and offered us some advice when we asked. She told us to receive love, not just give it. It really made me realize, “who am I to not receive love?” I’m going on mis­sion because I want to love others, but if I do not first receive, how can I not only be filled but how can I expect anyone else to receive the love I want to give, espe­cially if I do not want it myself?

I am thankful for the gift of Heart’s Home, and for their mis­sion­aries who serve and go and seek the face of Jesus every day. It is a priv­i­lege to have been able to be a small part of it.

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