• May 12, 2011

Father Thierry’s speech
on occasion of Heart’s Home Gala Night

I just recently came back from my 18th visit to India. This time, for the first time, I dis­cov­ered with amaze­ment the great sacred sites of Northern-India: Benares… Oratour… Rishikesh… Along the roads, by the shores of the Gange river, and in the Temples, I met thou­sands of Sadhus. I saw them walking bare­foot, with just a cane and hardly any lug­gage. Their life is to go from one place to another. They are home­less. Or rather: their home is inside.

While looking at them, I started thinking about our gala tonight. A home for the heart... The heart like a Temple...

As I was lis­tening to the prayers of the Sadhus and to the laughs of chil­dren, my mind wan­dered about the streets of New York. I could see our big avenues, so crowded and busy, and yet so empty. I could feel the ter­rible lone­li­ness in the Nursing Homes and the Housing Projects. I could feel all the sad­ness wherein our vol­un­teers strive to bring some light. And I remem­bered with grat­i­tude these people who have so much heart, that they spread it wherever they go!

Tonight, this mag­nif­i­cent Ball-Room of the Tcheque Consulate is not empty. It is filled with people who dream about a world that would be full of Presence. A world that would make sense to every­body. It might sound naive, for we are so few, and the task is so big! Yet I do believe that our Presence and our Dream can make a dif­fer­ence! The famous Austrian archi­tect Hundertewasser said: "When a single man dreams, it is just a dream. But when many people dream together, this is the begin­ning of a new reality."

Tonight, our dream is to bring humanity and com­pas­sion to our city, and to all the cities around the world where Heart’s Home oper­ates. Our vol­un­teers are there, in 20 coun­tries, ready to visit the poorest among the poor, ready to hold their hands, ready to become their friends. Tonight, each one of you is for us such a great encour­age­ment. Thank you for allowing our vol­un­teers to live to the full their beau­tiful and demanding mis­sion.

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