• July 4, 2014

Family day in the Catskills

by Maria Eunhea Lee-An

Father’s Day, on June 15, pro­vided us with a graceful oppor­tu­nity to gather for a picnic and some quality time among friends at the ICCC. Maria Eunhea, whose family joined us for the event, so describes it:

“When I received an e-mail with Heart’s Home Family Day’s invi­ta­tion, we just decided to go without hesi­tating. It was our first time vis­iting the International Center for a Culture of com­pas­sion. When we arrived at the place, Fr. Alexander wel­comed us, together with Sr. Diana, Alexandra and Cecile from Heart’s Home.

The place was pic­turesque. There was enough wide green lawn to play base­ball, soccer, or to simply relax. There were wild flowers like but­ter­cups, thistles, and of course clovers. The tram­po­line was tempting all our kids to jump on it, but they all manage to get a hold of them­selves to join in for Mass first. The chapel was lovely, cozy and filled with won­derful scent of cedar. All of our fam­i­lies sang hymns with Sr. Diana’s lead, her clear voice echoing in the chapel.

We had a deli­cious potluck lunch, fol­lowed by a tour of the house with its beau­tiful art­works and its serenity. After that, we all headed to the lake nearby for a canoe ride. The weather was calm: a per­fect day for canoeing. The trees reflected on the sur­face of the lake while some drag­on­flies sur­rounded us.

After the 15 minute hike back, we all had a snack with home­made muffins and coffee. Time flies in there. It was a won­derful time shared with all the fam­i­lies and the nice people we met. The day cleared away some strug­gling and refreshed me as a mom and an artist. It really inspired me.
Thank you for the won­derful family day!”

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