• June 9, 2010

Family Day at the ICCC

Some kids fishing in the lake

Tes­ti­mony of Matthew S., who took part in the Family Day Heart’s Home or­­ga­nized upstate NY on May 23rd.

On Sunday, I took my family to the International Center for the Culture of Compassion (ICCC) in upstate New York for a one-day family retreat with Heart’s Home. Several fam­i­lies mostly from New York City and nearby also came to share in the retreat from the powers that sep­a­rate the family to retreat toward the power that unites the family.

If you have ever been to the ICCC you know that it is a place where you could have the time to read the long mean­dering sen­tences of William Faulkner. In the way you are treated, in the way that you are sur­rounded by beauty, you feel that there is nothing to do but be pre­sent here, together with the Lord and each other, enjoying long mean­dering con­ver­sa­tions.

The topic of the retreat was on Mary as model and mother. While out­side the chil­dren played (this is a med­i­ta­tive sound for par­ents), the soon-to-be ordained Deacon Paul Anel led us in reflecting on Mary as the model of the Christian life who is not an unap­proach­able figure of per­fec­tion, but instead she is above all the mother who inti­mately guides, nur­tures, and loves us toward this per­fec­tion of the Christian life.

We all shared a lovely meal, walks around the cool lake and through the rich grasses. We com­pleted the retreat with a family Mass. At the retreat, I grew closer to Christ and Mary with my family. My oldest daughter asked, “Can we do this again?” I said, “I would love that.”

The Mass in the barn Some games with the kids ! The kids in the ICCC
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