• June 22, 2012

Family Day? Let us ask the experts.

By John Saffian,who took part with his wife and their five chil­dren in the Heart’s Home Family Day on June 9th at the ICCC.

“In order to write about Family Day, I thought it best to go straight to the experts. Walter, my 5 year old, told me his favorite parts were the picnic and jumping on the tram­po­line. Justin, the 3 year old agreed, but he also sin­gled out dessert as his favorite part. Magdalen, who is 7, recalled how the chil­dren picked flowers and placed them on the statue of Mary during the Rosary. And our 9 year old, Lydia, loved the med­i­ta­tion on Mary at the start of the day. If I spoke to the dozens of other chil­dren, or even adults who attended, I’m sure I’d get sim­i­larly pos­i­tive responses.

The day started with Sr. Regine’s talk on Mary and the impor­tance of com­pas­sion. Simultaneously, the chil­dren held their own dis­cus­sion on Mary and col­ored beau­tiful art­work. Lunch and play­time fol­lowed, under mer­ci­fully cool skies. Old friends and new acquain­tances min­gled and helped make the gath­ering at once relaxing and ful­filling.

The Rosary pro­ces­sion to the shrine was a beau­tiful example of fam­i­lies and friends joining their voices in prayer. That, along with Mass in the chapel, pro­vided a won­derful reminder of the sacra­mental life we are all called to live, as indi­vid­uals, in family and in com­mu­nity.

Family day gave us some quality time away from the city, and offered everyone who attended a great oppor­tu­nity to enjoy each other’s com­pany in a won­der­fully prayerful set­ting.”

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