• May 27, 2015

Eviva Napoli! Brunch at the ICCC

Only a few places have it all.
Places where one feels com­pletely at ease.
This month of May, in a Spring golden Sunday, full of greenery, I had the oppor­tu­nity to travel from cal­li­coonny to Naples, Italy, via the ICCC - one of those rare places where the human heart reigns in his glory and com­pas­sion.

In this trip we were all together 30 very enthu­si­astic people. First, we got to taste the variety of the Neapolitan cuisine rep­re­sented with many dif­ferent dishes rich in flavor and tex­ture enhanced by the com­pany, grace and kind­ness of the people pre­sent. A won­derful tiramisu cake with the word Napoli printed in choco­late was served as dessert.

And then our tour con­tinued to visit the city and its trea­sures. We got to see the Mediterranean sea, the fervor and devo­tion of the people cel­e­brating their reli­gious fes­tiv­i­ties, full­ness of life, color and tra­di­tion.

The next stop was a con­cert of beau­tiful melodies from Naples per­formed by one guitar and two voices. Someone from the audi­ence offer to accom­pany with the piano for a couple of songs. The Sun, the sea, the rela­tion­ships were sang in a joyful mood, and we got to listen from a good and lovely sto­ry­teller some­thing related to each song. I learned that to love one has to be in the pre­sent and have hope for the future. I also learned that Polichinella is Neapolitan!

The last trea­sure was the fact that in Afragola -a neigh­bor­hood of Naples, very rich in people in poverty - there is another home where com­pas­sion reigns, everyone is wel­come and people are lis­tened to, there were small chil­dren gath­ering and they were taught to dance some were having trips to the water and went sailing, some were playing. Patience and love seemed to be the way. This day was a gift to my spirit. Thanks.

From one trav­eler.

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