• November 5, 2010

Erica’s testimony about the orientation program

Erica and Samuel
Brooklyn, October 2010

Erica will leave in December 2010 for a 14-month mis­sion in Brazil.

It was quite amazing to fly from Arizona to Brooklyn, show up at a Rectory of seven French people and one Argentinean, and find such deep, soulful friend­ship with four other American girls who, like me, were about to embark on a Heart’s Home mis­sion. This shared expe­ri­ence united us in a spe­cial way, along with the others living in the house who were there to help us grow. In addi­tion to beau­tiful friend­ship, I saw firsthand how the Holy Spirit delivers joy through the Heart’s Home charism. Laughter filled all of us for the entirety of the two weeks—a kind of hap­pi­ness that had been for­eign to me lately. For this, I know that it was a gift of the Spirit. At every meal, break­fast, lunch, and dinner, there would be bursts of laughter that often led to tears. We did dishes in laughter and even brought laughter to our friends in the neigh­bor­hood.

We were each expe­ri­encing deep growth and healing in our­selves in prepa­ra­tion to leave our fam­i­lies and serve God in all dif­ferent coun­tries—Africa, India, Brazil, Austria, and Thailand. In my own per­sonal expe­ri­ence, the erup­tions of laughter acted like super glue in mending the shat­tered pieces in my heart. It was such an unex­pected beauty, a beauty that helped assure me that I was in the right place. When we give our lives to God and invite Him to do His will, He pro­vides exactly what we need—which in my case was com­plete and total joy. I got a tiny glimpse at the spec­tac­ular things that happen in simple friend­ship and love—which is the mis­sion and pur­pose of Heart’s Home.

Erica T.
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