• July 22, 2010

Erica T. - Brazil 2011- 2012

I grad­u­ated from DePaul University in Chicago with my bach­elor of arts in soci­ology, summa cum laude in March. A month later, I ful­filled my dream of back­packing through Europe. I took out the money in my bank account which I had saved working through school and trav­eled for six weeks by myself. I come from a won­derful family in Phoenix, Arizona that taught me the true nature of God’s love. Forever to them I will be grateful because they planted the seed in me that even­tu­ally led to my desire to serve others with the entirety of my life.

Three years ago I ran across a Heart’s Home pam­phlet at a youth con­fer­ence. I hung it up on my desk and prayed about it for many years. I knew that after I grad­u­ated from col­lege, I would like to have the oppor­tu­nity to serve God. I found that the times I felt most myself were when I was let­ting God work through me in helping those most in need. I guess I would say that since that moment, in what seems like ages ago, I knew that God was calling me to Heart’s Home. Yes, I have more stu­dent loans than I would like and yes, I feel pres­sure to suc­cumb to the worldly ideals of finding a good job upon grad­u­a­tion, but the only way that my heart feels at peace is when I think of being a mis­sionary with Heart’s Home. There is such a large desire in me to allow the large amount of love in my heart to over­flow and to learn how to live a simple life of prayer and com­mu­nity.

I feel so blessed to have this oppor­tu­nity in my life. God has really pre­pared me in these last few years to embark on this adven­ture. I look for­ward to the life lessons, or rather the love lessons, that I will encounter in the coming months.

I will be leaving for the Heart’s Home vil­lage out­side of Salvador da Bahia called Fazenda do Natal (the Christmas Farm) in Brazil. I am abso­lutely thrilled with my loca­tion and cannot wait to be a part of the com­mu­nity. I will live in a house with one other mis­sionary and chil­dren of the street and feel that God has pre­pared me for my whole life for this.

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