• May 7, 2015

Emily M.- El Salvador 2015-2017

For the past four years, I have had the priv­i­lege of living in Steubenville, OH and attending Franciscan University. I am now a grad­uate with my Bachelor’s in Social work. As most col­lege grad­u­ates, I have been faced with the ques­tion “what do I do with my life now?” The Lord did not allow me to dwell upon this ques­tion long as He brought Heart’s Home to my atten­tion. Ever since I was in middle school, it has been on my heart to go on a long-term mis­sion out of my desire to love and serve people. I thought what better time than now? Heart’s Home stood out to me because of its unique approach to mis­sion life. The mis­sion state­ment res­onated within my heart and I knew from the first time I read about it, that this is where the Lord was calling me.

Heart’s Home reaches out to indi­vid­uals in every com­mu­nity to give sup­port to them. It seeks out the iso­lated and suf­fering to be a friend to them. As mis­sion­aries, we are to rec­og­nize the intrinsic value of each indi­vidual and to love and serve them. My pas­sion to love and serve people is what brought me to Heart’s Home, as it did to a career in social work. I now have the priv­i­lege of giving myself to the people of El Salvador for 18 months!

“God has raised up this Little Company . . . for his love and good plea­sure . . . [and] we are bound to show it [love] by leading people to love God and their neighbor; to love the neighbor for the sake of God and God for the sake of the neighbor. We have been chosen by God as instru­ments of his bound­less and fatherly love which desires to be estab­lished in and to replenish souls.”

  • St. Vincent de Paul

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