• June 14, 2010

Elizabeth J. , Senegal - 2010-2011

I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am the youngest of three sis­ters and I love to play sports, espe­cially foot­ball and soft­ball. I recently grad­u­ated from Seton Hall University with Bachelor’s degrees in French and Catholic Theology. Throughout my time at the uni­ver­sity I became involved in campus min­istry and started vol­un­teering. I fell in love with ser­vice and with min­is­tering to those in need. In many of the people with whom I worked, I rec­og­nized a great desire to be loved.

Since entering col­lege, I had planned on doing at least a year of ser­vice after grad­u­a­tion. I chose to serve with Heart’s Home because the mis­sion of com­pas­sion serves to meet that need I have found in so many people who desire simply to be loved. I am going on a mis­sion with Heart’s Home to Dakar, Senegal. It will be a chal­lenge, with a new cul­ture and new lan­guage, but I look for­ward to this mis­sion and the oppor­tu­nity for prayer, reflec­tion, and sim­plicity in order to grow closer to Christ.

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