• February 27, 2010

Earthquake in Chile - feb 27th, 2010

Although we have little infor­ma­tion at this time about the sit­u­a­tion in Chile after the earthquake that hap­pened last night, we were at least able to con­tact the Heart’s Home mem­bers both in Valparaiso and Santiago and be assured that every­body was alright. The Santiago com­mu­nity was out of the city for a few days, cel­e­brating the arrival of Guillaume & Thomas coming back from the ICCC (USA) after three months helping there.

The threat of a tsunami, strong in Valparaiso and all along the coast, shouldn’t threaten the Heart’s Home neigh­bor­hood as it is placed high above the sea level.

We will post more infor­ma­tion as soon as we get any rel­e­vant updates.

Google Earth Placemark File - 731 bytes
Valparaiso Heart’s Home on Google Earth

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