• August 29, 2011

“Distant Sounds” - Concert at the ICCC

Rachel Grasso, a clar­inet teacher, attended The River Ensemble Concert held at the ICCC on August 21st. Here is how she accounts for this expe­ri­ence:

When trav­eling to Woodbourne, NY on a Sunday August 21st with my hus­band Carmine, to attend and sup­port my clar­inet stu­dent Brittney Donovan’s per­for­mance with The River Ensemble, I was pleas­antly delighted to find a beau­tiful retreat and venue for artists. I had never heard of The International Center for a Culture of Compassion and Hearts Home until that day.

We were wel­comed with such gen­erous hos­pi­tality by the French Fathers and Sisters that hosted this event. The rustic barn, where the recital was being pre­sented, made me feel as if I was back in time at one of the summer music fes­ti­vals that I once attended as a young clar­inet stu­dent.

The musical per­for­mances by The River Ensemble and com­po­si­tions by the tal­ented 16 year old Aaron Cush Solberg were delightful, the food was deli­cious and most of all I enjoyed the sin­cere and inter­esting con­ver­sa­tions with friends, family, artists and hosts from Hearts Home.

As a pro­fes­sional clar­inetist and teacher I thought this peaceful retreat could give me, as well as other artists, an oppor­tu­nity to get away from the other dis­trac­tions of day to day living so that the focus could be on cre­ating music in a relaxed envi­ron­ment.

As my hus­band and I departed back home to Marlboro at the end of the day, we had expe­ri­enced many great sur­prises that filled us with inspi­ra­tion and for myself, pride for my stu­dent Brittney’s per­for­mance with her musical col­leagues.

Thanks for ICCC’s humility, com­pas­sion, peace and gen­erosity as well as Aaron Solberg’s idea to create this event. I believe you all help to make the world a better place!

Rachel Grasso

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