• January 26, 2013

Dirty Eucharistic Hands - A Poem

Lisa and Gertrudies

By Lisa Mendez, from Vancouver, WA. She came back this January from a 14- month mis­sion in Manila, Philippines.

"Now being back in the U.S. I have been living among the com­mu­nity in New York. Going to visit some of the friends here in Brooklyn I see that I am called to live the com­pas­sion I have dis­cov­ered every­where and to look at each person as a beau­tiful work of art! Which everyone is!
This is a poem I wrote about during my time spent among my Filipino friends:"

Dirty Eucharistic Hands

Lord I’ve approached you so many times
With the hands I found and assumed were clean.
To touch your heav­enly body, what an honor I am given,
So I tried to have the cleanest hands pos­sible.

Now Lord I approach you with dirty Eucharistic hands!
But they are cleaner than ever before
Now I walk the streets and see your suf­fering body!

I see your sor­rowful face
And it cries out to me to touch it and share your pain,
Your suf­fering, your joy!
I walk your streets and see your little ones,
Little ones who are phys­i­cally dirty but full of your life.

As I hold them, hug them, kiss them, I am both filled
With their dirt­i­ness, and most impor­tantly
Your love!

I approach you in the Mass to offer my little friends in the Eucharist

Thank you little Ray, Bambie, Lady, Venice, and Princess.
Thank you for playing with me
For jumping on me and crying out for an embrace
Thank you for wanting to be held like a child
In my arms and feel the love I can offer!
Thank you for yearning God’s embrace!
Thank you for showing me Christ’s bro­ken­ness
Thank you for preparing me!

So as I wait in line to receive your heav­enly feast Lord
I offer up all these whom my hands have touched this day
My hands, your instru­ments to love and com­fort.
I offer you the Abigails, Ninets, Tricias, Carlos, Mary Maes,
Gabriels, Rents, Vanessas, Vilmas, Jonathons, Ate Marissas
Ate Malous, Ate Susanas, Ate Alohas, Kuya Roels, Kuya Renatos,
And Ate Josies of the world
I bring them and pre­sent them before you
As an offering!
Please take my dirty Eucharistic hands
And place your beau­tiful body on them
Which I will con­sume to be con­sumed myself!

I thank you my God for my Dirty Eucharistic hands
May they always remain ready to be dirty and used for love!

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