• July 15, 2017

David F. on mission in Ecuador

Hello, everyone! My name is David and I am a 22-year old from a won­derful family of 5 in Pepperell, MA. I’m thrilled to be heading to Ecuador this October to pray and live with those in the Guayaquil com­mu­nity. I hear it is hot and sunny all year round!

Even though I will be trav­eling thou­sands of miles to go from MA to Ecuador, there is a bigger trip I am making. One of my favorite say­ings is, “The longest journey you will ever take is the 18 inches from your head to your heart.” I think I can sum up a lot of my life by describing it as a journey of faith from my head to my heart, and my mis­sion with Heart’s Home is cer­tainly chal­lenging me to take another step on that journey.

I’ve always been a suc­cessful stu­dent, and a lot of my life has been focused on pur­suing aca­demic inter­ests. I love exploring my Catholic faith on an intel­lec­tual level, reading great books of the­ology and lit­er­a­ture, and taking phi­los­ophy classes at the uni­ver­sity. My first thought after grad­u­ating from Notre Dame was to head straight into a PhD pro­gram and become a phi­los­ophy pro­fessor!

But a couple of things my senior year of col­lege made me desire to open up to God on more than just an intel­lec­tual level. New rela­tion­ships, Tolstoy’s War and Peace, and a men’s Bible study pro­gram encour­aged me to focus on impor­tant mat­ters of the heart: growing deeper in rela­tion­ship with others, training my ears to listen, relin­quishing con­trol over the out­comes of my actions, learning to carry other’s bur­dens and to rec­og­nize my own, and let­ting Christ hold all of this and hold me in His hands. I felt called to grow in these areas in a con­crete way. Visiting the Heart’s Home family in Brooklyn con­vinced me that I was being drawn into this won­derful min­istry of prayer, com­mu­nity, and com­pas­sion for the next 14 months. Whether my next step after Ecuador is to return to the uni­ver­sity or not, I trust that God is guiding my heart and will con­tinue to lead me closer to Him. Please pray for me and sup­port me as I embark on this scary but exciting adven­ture!

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