• March 14, 2013

Crying he said we were the only friends he had.

Edward in Honduras, 2005

By Edward Adams, First Heart’s Home American Volunteer

In 2005, Edward became the first American to join Heart’s Home as a full time mis­sionary. At the end of his 15-month mis­sion in Honduras he wrote to his spon­sors:

“One Saturday as we were leaving for lunch at a friends’ house Oscar was out the front of our house throwing up blood and in real agony. Oscar is an alco­holic who I have been spending a lot of time with trying to keep him sober. He appar­ently relapsed that morning and was now in obvious danger because he has cir­rhosis of the liver. This really upset me because he is a good guy he just cannot stop drinking even though he knows it is killing him.

We picked him up. He was lit­er­ally dying in my arms. Someone went to get a taxi while another guy and I car­ried him. As he was sit­ting there con­tin­uing to throw up large amounts of blood and in agony I was rub­bing his back telling him to pray, pray, pray. After he left in the taxi with his sister and brother I gave his mom a hug and she started to cry hys­ter­i­cally. I tried to com­fort her the best I could. I told her to pray and have con­fi­dence in God. We went back to her house and prayed with her and her family. His nephew was also crying with everyone else in the house. We did our best to com­fort them. I was there exactly for that reason. I am thankful to the Lord for allowing me to enter into this suf­fering, agony and poverty with the family. I felt like we were the pres­ence of Christ for him and his family.

A few days later I went to see how his mother was doing. She told me that the doc­tors were able to save his life. The doc­tors said he would have died if not brought in when he was. She was so excited and thanked me for saving her son’s life. She also said that Oscar for the first time has now said he wants to never drink again. He was crying saying that we were the only friends he has.

The past 15 months have truly changed my life: I have met with Christ face to face in the poor and suf­fering; and I have all of you to thank for your unwa­vering sup­port. I am glad we were able to live this mis­sion together.”

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