• September 8, 2010

“Coup de Pouce” at the ICCC

From August 22nd to September 4th, at the ICCC, we wel­comed a “Coup de Pouce” team. Ten very dynamic young adults came to meet the chal­lenge of con­structing the Shrine of Our Lady of Compassion in order that the Pilgrimage we orga­nized to cel­e­brate the 20th Anniversary of Heart’s Home would be able to take place on September 18th as planned.

It was very rainy at the begin­ning of their stay, but this did not pre­vent them from raising the timber frame. Soon after, the sun came out. Each member of the team devoted him­self to one of the tasks needed to accom­plish the final goal: shin­gling the roof, siding, elec­tricity, com­pleting the sub-wall, and posi­tioning the win­dows. Everything required a lot of work, espe­cially the sur­rounding area and the dry-stone wall that runs behind the sanc­tuary.

Our friends left us after having fin­ished the essen­tial con­struc­tion work. However, some jobs still needed to be com­pleted such as the entrance stairs, the base where the statue of Our Lady of Compassion (sculpted by Fr. Paul Crochat) will rest, the cen­tral window, and many other small fin­ishing touches. When every­thing is com­plete, the shrine will be a good place for prayer and con­tem­pla­tion, and above all else, we hope that it will be a place where many are touched by the pres­ence and the ten­der­ness of Our Mother.

Sr. Blandine

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