• November 20, 2017

Costa Rica: Taste and See the Goodness of the Lord

From October 6-9th, we (Heart’s Home friends here in the States) went to “taste and see the good­ness of the Lord” in our Heart’s Home in Costa Rica. Four days full of joy and dis­cov­ering the fruits of the mis­sion there, to give thanks for all that God has brought us in San Jose. Randi, a former mis­sionary with us, shares some of the high­lights of her time there:

I had the honor and blessing to visit to Heart’s Home in Costa Rica in October. It was one of the most beau­tiful and hum­bling expe­ri­ences I have had, out­side of my one year mis­sion in Ecuador. As soon as I arrived and was greeted by the mis­sion­aries and friends, I imme­di­ately felt at home and like I was sur­rounded by family. We vis­ited sev­eral people in the neigh­bor­hood over the short 4 days we were there. Two neigh­bors came to the house twice to cook deli­cious Costa Rican cuisine for us. One of these women has a son who is prob­ably around 4. While his mom was cooking, we decided to get out the games and play, which turned into playing Twister, meaning he spun the wheel and I was left alone to con­tort myself around the Twister mat to his - and everyone else’s - amuse­ment! One of their friends that par­tic­u­larly moved me is R. He lives just across the street from the house and visits quite fre­quently. He told me much of his life story, which is filled with a lot of struggle and sad­ness. He recounted how he was in a deep depres­sion and even sui­cidal when he met the mis­sion­aries. Since befriending them and finding nothing but love and com­pas­sion in return, his life has truly been changed. He is going to Church again and has put God at the center of his life. R calls the mis­sion­aries his “an­gels”, because God sent them to save his life. My short time in Costa Rica reopened my eyes to the beauty of Christ in the poor and suf­fering. It was a blessing to see first hand the beau­tiful work the Lord is doing in Costa Rica with the mis­sion­aries of Heart’s Home. May Our Lady of Compassion con­tinue to watch over them with her moth­erly care.

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