• November 1, 2009

Cornerstone Discussion Group, 2010 - Manhattan

Atrium at Trump Tower, Manhattan

Facilitated by Deacon Paul Anel, Art Director for Heart’s Home USA, and John Romanowsky, film­maker, this weekly dis­cus­sion group deals with the issues of cul­ture and humanity. How to under­stand the mis­sion of the artist, polit­ical endeavor or the role of finance? How to recon­nect with reality? In a con­fused and dis­maying world, is there any sure foun­da­tion to build our lives on? Luigi Giussani’s Religious Sense will be our guide­line throughout the year, as well as Josef Pieper, Hannah Arendt and many more. Attendees are wel­come to con­tribute with own expe­ri­ences and inputs. One hour weekly to think, share and ques­tion about what really mat­ters. All are Welcome!

"You, have you built well, have you not for­gotten the corner­stone ?" (T.S. Eliot, The Rock)

Where: under the “out­door” space of Trump Tower’s atrium, on Madison at 56 st.

When: Every Wednesday, 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., starting 09/23

All are welcome !

For more information please contact Paul Anel.

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