• August 8, 2017

Congratulations Fr Grayson!

We were blessed to cel­e­brate together with one of our former mis­sion­aries, Fr Grayson Heenan, as he was ordained a priest for the dio­cese of Detroit in June. Veronica, another former mis­sionary shares the expe­ri­ence with us:

I have always been amazed by the beauty of the friend­ships that exist within the Heart’s Home com­mu­nity. Christ recently blessed me with an encounter that I had been antic­i­pating since February 2013 during my Come and See Weekend, when I found out that I was not the first person from Michigan to expe­ri­ence a year of mis­sion with Heart’s Home. I was excited to hear that I had a brother in Christ named Grayson who had gone on mis­sion in Buenos Aires a few years before, and was at that time studying at the Detroit sem­i­nary.

During my own mis­sion in Lima, Peru, I had the unique oppor­tu­nity of attending a Heart’s Home family reunion in Argentina, where I spent a day at the vol­un­teers’ house and was struck by how many people remem­bered “the other mis­sionary from Michigan”. The friends he had made on mis­sion con­tinue to keep him in their hearts and prayers, and I mar­velled at the impact a mis­sionary can have on so many lives. I was blessed to see the fruit of Grayson’s mis­sion, as I lis­tened to people share their sto­ries of this smiling, gen­erous young man who had left such an impres­sion on them.

Finally this June, a year and a half after returning from my mis­sion, I was able to meet Fr. Grayson after his ordi­na­tion at the Cathedral in Detroit. I was joined by three other mem­bers of the Heart’s Home family, all of whom were equally grateful for the oppor­tu­nity to cel­e­brate such a won­derful occa­sion with our brother.

When we finally had our chance to con­grat­u­late Fr. Grayson at his recep­tion, I was impressed by the sim­plicity of the encounter as he greeted us with a warm wel­come that made it feel as if we’d been long-time friends. And when we knelt to receive his blessing, I lifted a prayer of grat­i­tude to God for the incred­ible gift of belonging to a family and a com­mu­nity that brought five mis­sion­aries from dif­ferent coun­tries, states and back­grounds together in Michigan of all places. Four years ago, I could not have fore­seen the count­less graces that Christ would bestow on me and my loved ones through the Heart’s Home family, both throughout my mis­sion and to this very day. This recent cel­e­bra­tion was a per­fect example of the beauty and joy that exist within every encounter we expe­ri­ence with our brothers and sis­ters in Christ, whether it be with our family and friends at home, our friends on mis­sion, or our Heart’s Home com­mu­nity.

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