• January 13, 2012

Concert, Cookies, & Carols
to Welcome the Christ Child

By Rachel Oberman
Featuring the clas­sical guitar duo Nylon Wound, the tra­di­tional Heart’s Home Christmas Party took place on December 23rd.

“The Heart’s Home Christmas Party was a great joy for me: it brought me into a space filled with great music and the true Christmas spirit. The two clas­sical gui­tarists, Gregory Askins and Joseph Parisi opened with some Christmas carols and we all sang along. The con­cert that fol­lowed was impres­sive in its range: they played clas­sical as well as more pop­ular songs. It was beau­tiful just to watch the two musi­cians play together, each so in tune with the other’s rhythms: they played like brothers, I remember thinking. The con­cert ended as it began, with the singing of carols, and the broth­erly spirit shared by the gui­tarists had cer­tainly spread to the rest of us.
My two-year-old daughter, Anna, was in high spirits and quickly found other chil­dren with whom to play. They frol­icked around the room and danced and jumped. Many of the desserts on the buffet table were pre­pared by friends of Heart’s Home who had come together to bake for the party, and their efforts were not in vain: the desserts were deli­cious!

As at every Heart’s Home gath­ering, I was struck again by the remark­able mix of people who attended: people from all walks of life, of every race, age, and pro­fes­sion. And, more remark­able, we not only sat in the room together but had a shared expe­ri­ence of beauty which brought us close together. The after­noon ended with an impromptu singing of carols while the chil­dren jumped on and off the little stage that the gui­tarists had vacated. I know that I left feeling at least five years younger, with a light­ness of heart that I car­ried with me as I approached Christmas Eve. We had lis­tened, sung, eaten, prayed, and played together: like chil­dren, we had expe­ri­enced the simple joy of living the pre­sent moment fully. Thank you for a beau­tiful after­noon!”

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