• May 28, 2009

Heart’s Home 2009 Alumni Weekend

“Re­member the past with grat­i­tude, live the pre­sent with enthu­siasm, look for­ward to the future with con­fi­dence” These words from pope John-Paul II were our guiding lines for our first “alumni” weekend, May 22-24 in Brooklyn.

Olivia T. who spent 18 months in India (2006-2007) is now living in Toronto and working as an engi­neer. She just got engaged May 1st with Andrew. Amy K. spent 14 months in Honduras (2007-2008) and she hopes to find a Teacher posi­tion in Washington State. Mike H. spent 14 months in Brazil (2007-2008) and is now working for a Program taking care of home­less people in Philadelphia. Olivia (former Missionary) and Nicolas (Molokai Fraternity) enjoying the show in Prospect Park, May 2009.

As we gath­ered on Friday evening one could feel the joy of being together and it really felt like being a family. On Saturday we spent the day looking at our mis­sion expe­ri­ence : “What is it that really hap­pened during our mis­sion?” and also fig­uring out how to keep deep­ening this expe­ri­ence today. Loneliness calls for a pres­ence of con­so­la­tion no matter where we are and our hearts are still longing for friend­ship. Sunday was a day of cel­e­bra­tion of our friend­ship and joy to be together. In the morning we all headed Queens to attend the sending forth mass of Louis D’Argenlieu. He has spent the last three years in NY working in finance and he will join the Heart’s Home com­mu­nity in Chile after his Orientation Program in France. It was moving to see the friend­ship among the mem­bers of the choir Louis belonged to. They all were very encour­aging towards him and it is as if they were sending him to go and serve on their behalf the people in Chile. After mass we went to Prospect Park for a bar­becue party. This joyful time of sharing ended with a soccer game!

At the end of the weekend we all felt encour­aged to embrace our life even more and to look for Christ with a renewed pas­sion!

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