• May 29, 2009

Alumni WE, testimony of Mike

Mike and our friend Catherine, in Prospect Park, Brooklyn - May 2009.

An alumni weekend took place from May 22 until May 24, gath­ering three former mis­sion­aries, here is the tes­ti­mony of one of them, Mike H.

Coming back to Heart’s Home for the alumni weekend was like coming home - back to a place where people under­stand and accept me, a place that’s familiar and com­fort­able and nur­turing, a place where I belong.

In the months since returning home from Brazil, it’s been so easy to lose touch with the charism, to get absorbed in non-essen­tial pro­jects and con­cerns, and to forget the urgency of Compassion; I’ve felt myself lose so much of the focus and grounding I had been given in Brazil.

But just step­ping into the house in New York, I felt it all flood back-reen­tering the rhythm of prayer, enjoying time for reflec­tion and honest con­ver­sa­tion, laughing together, and just being wel­comed and lis­tened to so gen­uinely refu­eled me and reori­ented me towards the charism and towards Christ.

Again, it was like coming home.

Mike H.
Heart’s Home missionary in Brazil

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