• June 4, 2009

Alumni WE, testimony of Olivia

Olivia, in Prospect Park, Brooklyn - May 2009.

An alumni weekend took place from May 22 until May 24, gath­ering three former mis­sion­aries. Here is the tes­ti­mony of one of them, Olivia who left 18 months in India with Heart’s Home.

I had such a won­derful time at the Heart’s Home in Brooklyn on Memorial Day weekend! I really felt at home in the com­mu­nity and was reminded again that I am part of the Heart’s Home family. It was so won­derful to meet other former mis­sion­aries who shared that they had many of the same expec­ta­tions, dif­fi­cul­ties and joys about their mis­sions as myself.

I left New York reas­sured that I am not alone in trying to live the charism apart from the Heart’s Home but that I have sup­port and that I am to begin building a new com­mu­nity. I am trying look at each of my friend­ships in the light of Christ and I am dis­cov­ering where He is in my life each day.


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