• December 8, 2017

Coffee, Slippers and Hail Maries!

by Shannon B., on mis­sion in Japan

     Sometimes friends will drop by to have a cup of coffee or share lunch with us. I have been using these meet­ings as a way to prac­tice my Japanese, asking our friends to quiz me on my vocab­u­lary from class. When friends with kids come over, I turn studying vocab­u­lary into a game of cha­rades. In Japan, it is unusual for people to meet and spend time in one’s own home. So, these meet­ings in our home are actu­ally quite extraor­di­nary.
     I am moved by the sim­plicity and love that takes place during our friend’s visits. Guests are wel­comed with either hot coffee or tea served in our best tea cup. We are so happy to open our home to friends, giving them a place to relax, laugh, and receive Christ’s love.
     Sometimes more friends will join us for meals and prayer. I love espe­cially that two of our friends, Funeyama San and Miyagi San, have brought their own slip­pers to keep and use at our house. They feel like family. One night we were praying the rosary while cut­ting veg­eta­bles and Funeyama San (who is Buddhist) began praying with us. What a beau­tiful gift these prayers must be to Our Lady!

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