• December 31, 2010

Christmas Jazz Party in Brooklyn

Sedric Chukrun, Mar­jorie Elliot and Rudel Drears - Brooklyn, December 2010

"December 21st I was invited to Heart’s Home to cel­e­brate Christmas with a "Jazz for Jeez" Heartwarming Party fea­turing jazz le­­gend Marjorie Eliot (pi­ano) Rudel Drears (voice) Sedric Chukrun (sax­o­­phone) and Fr. Paul Anel who pre­sented a short film intro­ducing Heart’s Home’s ICCC in upstate New York.

The base­ment was full of folks of all ages and back­grounds and the music was spec­tac­ular. I brought my two sons with me, Micah, age 6 and Martin, age 4, and they enjoyed hearing the var­ious instru­ments Sedric Chukrun could play—sax, French horn, flute — and the lively spirit of the mother-son team, Majorie Eliot and Rudel Drears.
My kids also enjoyed sneaking to the back of the room to stuff cookies and marsh­mal­lows into their mouths after every three num­bers!

What was par­tic­u­larly moving was when Fr. Paul explained the “heart” behind the music—Ms. Eliot began inviting people into her home for jazz con­certs every Sunday to cel­e­brate her other son’s pas­sage into God’s heav­enly kingdom after he passed away on a Sunday almost 19 years ago.

It’s always a sur­prise and a joy to meet people who wel­come Christ into their hearts and homes by wel­coming without reserve their fellow trav­elers on this human adven­ture. What better way to warm people’s hearts at Christmas than with spirit-filled hol­iday clas­sics?"

Rita S.

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