• December 6, 2011

Believing that Man has a Name

Aude Guillet

A meditation on Christmas
by Fr. Thierry de Roucy

Two thou­sand Christmases are behind us. This one, we want it to be new. A new Christmas of a new mil­len­nium. Like the first one. Or, most cer­tainly, like the last one. Dressed as the orig­inal one. Or most cer­tainly as the eternal one. Covering all the colors of cen­turies past. Filled with hope, not naivety. A Christmas that hides itself in the darkest shadows of the night as much as in the most vivid lights. A Christmas that our daz­zled eyes can no longer dis­tin­guish.

(...) I am above all looking for humanity. Or rather, beauty in man, for a man that is gen­uinely human. With pas­sion I am con­stantly searching.
I knock on the doors. I ask «Have you seen a human being with the face of man and the heart of God?» I hope not to find him like Herod ques­tioning the sages, but rather like Balthazar studying the sky. With the spirit of the child. And walking on sand. With the feet of a child.

(...) In Bethlehem, the star stops. The Son is under the Father. Man under the star. And man has a real name: Emmanuel. This is Christmas: to believe that man has a name and to embrace it. A name that is beyond any def­i­ni­tion. A name above all names. A name no-one can seize.

(...) Surprise. The star does not rest on palaces but on a cow­shed. On slums swarming with drugs. On smoke-filled base­ments. On vacant lots. Not on kings but on a baby. On tat­tered beings. On foul old men. On flesh without appear­ance. I find there a humanity that I wouldn’t have sus­pected. Man hides in Egypt when he was expected in Jerusalem…

Emmanuel, like doves, set­tles there. He set­tles there, where flesh lives. Where blood boils.

(...) No more noise.
In the deep silence
Of a desert land
The Word became flesh.
Extracts from “White Christmas on Red Gulag”
by Father Thierry de Roucy, 2009

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