• January 11, 2014

Chrisanne W. (Australian) - India, 2014-2015

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future..” Jeremiah 29:11

I come from a family that is as gen­erous as they are loud. I am con­stantly blessed with uncon­di­tional love, pos­i­tive regard, sup­port, com­pas­sion and I want to share this! It has always been the desire of my heart to vol­un­teer, to share my time and my energy. The timing never seemed right though, there was always uni­ver­sity or family or per­sonal com­mit­ments that at the time seemed to be get­ting in the way. Little did I know that God was not only teaching me patience and humility but was also per­sis­tently shaping me to embark on this journey of com­pas­sion. How amazing He is! I am now a social worker and I feel ready to go out into the world and try to be all that I am called to be in Christ’s love.

My first expe­ri­ence of com­pas­sion and mis­sion was in Nepal early in 2013. It was a pro­found, beau­tiful and hum­bling expe­ri­ence. I found myself in awe of the women and chil­dren that I spent time with, their simple faith, enthu­siasm for God and gen­erous spirit blew me away. It was then, I believe, that God gave me the gift of being able to see each human being with the eyes of the heart and to begin to unravel the mys­tery of love. What I learnt through this expe­ri­ence was that, it didn’t matter what goodies I took with me, it didn’t matter what I could or couldn’t do for them, all that mat­tered was my pres­ence, my time. This said to them that I cared and that they mat­tered. It also showed me the true beauty within each person strip­ping away the trap­pings of the world and I found that I could not ignore this beauty. Then amaz­ingly I stum­bled upon Heart’s Home and fell in love with the way they live their mis­sion and their pil­lars of com­pas­sion, com­mu­nity and prayer. God’s ways are mys­te­rious and beau­tiful and so per­fect all the time.

Now excit­ingly I find myself about to embark on this journey of faith and love and leave to India for 14 months. I cannot and do not want to do this alone, so I invite you all to come on this journey with me. I can assure you that it will be beau­tiful, pre­cious, chal­lenging and abso­lutely amazing. Let us carry this love so vividly expressed at Calvary with us to serve them, our brothers and sis­ters, for in giving of our­selves we receive’ (Prayer of St Francis of Assisi)

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