• April 29, 2014

Chilean News: The First Ever Blessing for Start-ups

Spotrotter, a start-up from Start-up Chile, one of the top incu­ba­tors in Latin America, orga­nized a blessing for start-ups during the event “So­cial entrepreneur­ship: What future?” in Santiago de Chile on April 9th.

Considered to be the first of its kind in the world, one of our Heart’s Home priests was invited to give a blessing for all start-ups attending the event and backing the work of the orga­ni­za­tion among the needy in Valparaiso.

The orga­nizer of the event and CEO of Spotrotter, Jean Louis Laporte, com­mented, “A key suc­cess factor for start-ups is a com­bi­na­tion of sev­eral ingre­di­ents: great ideas, inno­va­tion, a strong team, a clear vision, a high-quality pro­duct, financing… But one thing is missing: LUCK! Before sending a ship off into open water you always bless the boat and we would like to do the same for the launch of start-ups.”

Rev. Laurent Pavec, Responsible for Heart’s Home in Chile, com­ments: “The blessing of offices, shops or fac­to­ries is some­thing common in Latin America where the reli­gious sense is strong and very pre­sent among people. Blessing a Start-up and most of all a social Start-up has a strong meaning. It is rec­og­nizing that not every­thing is in our hands. Moreover, it is asking God’s help, asking that, as the blessing prayer says, God grants His guid­ance and sup­port to all who plan and con­duct those Start-ups, to help them take the right deci­sions and carry them out fairly, so that by respecting jus­tice and charity, they will see them­selves as working for the common good , and find joy in con­tributing to the pro­gress of the world.”

Let entrepreneurs, espe­cially social entrepreneurs, achieve suc­cess in their pro­jects, by receiving a “di­vine” assis­tance!

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